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Latex Sound Insulation

Climapor Latex Sound Insulation
Climapor Latex Sound InsulationClimapor Latex Sound Insulation

Latex sound insulation has been developed as an economical, relatively easy and quick to apply, product to help reduce internal noise pollution whilst also providing additional thermal insulation to the surface. The product is provided with a bonded lining paper to aid further decoration. We recommend our wallrock Thermal Liner adhesive for application of this product.

NB This is a relatively low cost sound insulation product and the control of internal noise pollution is a complex subject so we cannot guarantee satisfactory results. For comprehensive information we recommend that advice from a specialist consultant is sought.


Latex Sound Insulation material has been specifically developed to reduce internal noise pollution, for optimum performance it comprises a soft material laminated to a harder surface to facilitate easier subsequent decorating.

To improve the surface finish, we always recommend the outer surface is lined before painting or the application of printed wallpaper.

The soft composition of the base layer means we cannot guarantee that even after lining over the Latex Sound Insulation, there will be no distortion at the surface. We specifically recommend Wallrock Fibreliner and Wallrock R300 are used for this purpose because thier excellent dimensional stability and surface finish minimise the risk of any surface distortion occuring.

NB Alwyas hang the product soft side to the wall or ceiling. Apply Wallrock Fibreliner or R300 at 90 degrees to the Latex Sound Insulation for best results.


Important Safety Information
This product is flammable and is not recommended for extensive use, only for localised problem areas where it can be used safely. Overhanging with Wallrock Fireliner will help protect the product in the event of a fire.

  • Helps reduce internal noise pollution
  • Provides thermal insulation
  • Paste the wall
  • Provides a base surface for further decoration
  • Smoothes out problem surfaces such as cracked plaster and blockwork

Single length: 10m x 0.5cm coverage: 5m² approx

Paste the wall, apply smooth side to the wall.

This is a simple wallpaper calculator and should be used as a guide only. You can find the roll width and roll length you are after on the specific product page.
Roll widths are provided in meters (such as 0.5 x 10mtr) so your wall widths and heights should be inputted in meters also.
If you are purchasing an offset match product then you may need a little extra as there may be some waste. If you have any windows or doors in your walls you can simply ignore these. This will give a good estimate of required roll numbers.

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