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A 1000 grade lining paper that creates a superbly smooth finish suitable for painting or as a smooth base for decorative wallpaper.

A 100% recycled 1000 grade lining paper that is also hypoallergenic. Protects and prepares plaster and other in readiness for paint or decorative wallpaper - covers and smooths out small defects.

Recommended Adhesive: good quality flake or ready mixed.

  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Covers minor surface imperfections
  • Gives a modern surface finish
  • Prepares walls for painting or decorative wallpaper
  • Easy to strip formulation
  • Uses materials from well managed sources hypoallergenic
  • Excellent surface for paint
  • Easy to strip formulation
  • 100% recycled material
  • Allows walls to breathe
  • Contains no pvc
  • Simple to hang
  • Hardwearing

single length: 10m x 53cm coverage: 5.3m² approx

  1. The base surface must be dry, clean, firm, absorbent, and smooth. Use a plumbline as a guide to ensure the first length is applied vertically.
  2. Use a good quality adhesive suitable for heavy weight wallcoverings, mix (if applicable) and apply as per manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Cut lengths, allow extra for trimming. Mark the top of each length to ensure all lengths are hung correctly. Apply paste.
  4. Fold pasted lengths carefully avoiding creases, paste to the inside. Ensure a uniform soaking time of 9 or more minutes.
  5. Hang seam to seam. Smooth down carefully using a brush or light sponge roller.
  6. Trim using a former and knife or mark with a pencil and trim with scissors.
  7. Avoid overlapping the Naturplus.
  8. Following drying, (min 48hrs) we recommend applying a good quality emulsion paint.

Naturplus produces a unique natural finish which is ideal for emulsion painting. There are a number of textures to choose from within the range - one to suit all decorating tastes and applications. If left unpainted the surface will fade when exposed to light.

This is a simple wallpaper calculator and should be used as a guide only. You can find the roll width and roll length you are after on the specific product page.
Roll widths are provided in meters (such as 0.5 x 10mtr) so your wall widths and heights should be inputted in meters also.
If you are purchasing an offset match product then you may need a little extra as there may be some waste. If you have any windows or doors in your walls you can simply ignore these. This will give a good estimate of required roll numbers.

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