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Wallrock Superglass


A high quality pre coated and pigmented glass fibre lining with a high performance fire rating. An alternative to Wallrock Fibreliners, tough and hardwearing, easy and quick to apply using paste the wall technique. Supplied in economical 50m x 1m rolls.

  • Flame resistant EN B-s1, d0
  • Excellent base for paint or paper
  • Amazing strength, tear resistant
  • Quick and easy to hang
  • Paste the paper or wall
  • Contains zero PVC
  • Superior quality
  • Allows walls to breathe.
  • Very economical paint surface,one coat may suffice in many applications.
  • Good opacity.
  • PVC-free, softener-free and solvent-free.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Covers cracks.
  • Very hardwearing when used in conjunction with appropriate paints.
  • Suitable for painting with multiple coats of paint.

single length: 50m x 100cm coverage: 50m² approx

Suitable Base Surfaces / Uses

Wallrock Superglass is suitable for applying to all common base surfaces including lime plaster, mineral plaster, plasterboard, hardboard, prefabricated building materials and wood panelling. The surface should be clean, dry and slightly absorbent. Very absorbent surfaces such as new plaster should be primed. All loose materials should be removed.
Wallrock Superglass can be used in refurbishment and renovation applications and is especially useful in bridging and masking cracks and other damage in both ceilings and walls as well as a simple base preparation.

Application / Handling

Use a good quality ready mixed adhesive to apply the Superglass, such as Wallrock Power Adhesive. We recommend paste-the-wall technique to save time and mess. No soaking required. The product can be butt joined or spliced by overlapping approximately 2” (5cm) and cutting through both layers. Allow approximately 24 hours for drying before application of a good quality emulsion paint.

Health & Safety

The product uses fine fibreglass particles as a constituent material which can lead to irritation of the skin. We strongly advise the use of protective gloves when handling the product. Painting of the product eliminates the risk of skin irritation after application.

This is a simple wallpaper calculator and should be used as a guide only. You can find the roll width and roll length you are after on the specific product page.
Roll widths are provided in meters (such as 0.5 x 10mtr) so your wall widths and heights should be inputted in meters also.
If you are purchasing an offset match product then you may need a little extra as there may be some waste. If you have any windows or doors in your walls you can simply ignore these. This will give a good estimate of required roll numbers.

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