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Our History, Our Future

In 2005, the UK company of McMullen and Valentine (MAV) joined forces with the German Company of Erfurt & Sohn, trading as Erfurt MAV in the UK. The senior management of Erfurt MAV have over eighty five years of experience in the industry between them and a deserved reputation for high quality wallcoverings; Erfurt & Sohn, a family owned business since 1827, have a similar reputation throughout the world.

One of the most important developments for the company came in 1864, when Hugo Erfurt, grandson of the company founder, developed a new product which ultimately evolved into ERFURT's Wood Texture Wallcovering. This product has sold globally and is now one of Europe's most popular Wallcoverings. Erfurt & Sohn maintain regional offices in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Poland, as well as a factory in the UK and Agencies around the globe.

Despite the company's success, it still remains essentially a family-run company, with the great-great-great-great-great-grandsons of Friedrich Erfurt, (Martin and Henrik Erfurt), now in charge. The company exports to thousands of stores across Europe and has been awarded honours in recognition of its environmental achievements over many decades (such as the prestigious Blue Angel award) and in recognition of its Quality Management, such as the ISO 9001 certification. What this means is that you can rely on Erfurt MAV to supply goods and services that meet your expectations, and that those goods are as environmentally-friendly as possible.

To ensure the success of Erfurt MAV, we continue to move forward through innovation - building on our extremely successful Wallrock® brand and traditional lining ranges by introducing innovative products such as Thermally Efficient wallpapers and panels, digital print base papers, adhesives and wallcoverings specifically for use on exterior applications

Environmental Policies

Rest assured that all our products use paper from well managed sources, the vast majority either having FSC®, PEFC or Blue Angel Certification, including our range of 100% recycled paper products 'Naturplus'. An increasing number of our products are being accredited as suitable for allergy sufferers such as 'Naturplus' and 'Wallrock Thermal Liner'.

Andy Simpson Managing Director

Erfurt MAV hold the prestigious 'Blue Angel' award, in recognition for their work in developing environmentally friendly recycled products. For your safety and that of the world around us, the Tuff Stuff Texture has been certified as non-polluting by the ISEGA Institute in Germany. It's another assurance that you're taking part with us in helping the environment by choosing Erfurt MAV paper products.

Erfurt MAV wallpaper is just that - it's made for your walls and it's made from paper. No glass fibres, no PVC and no toxins, without compromising on strength. In fact the Wallrock® brand is synonymous with the strongest papers in the market.

We source raw materials from sustainable forests, such as those certified by the FSC® Forest Stewardship Council® or the PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. Two independent environmental organisations - one vision, shared by Erfurt MAV.

PVC is made form crude oil, contains chlorine and is virtually impossible to recycle. Excluding 'Anaglypta® Luxury Textured Vinyl' (which is made on an FSC® certified base paper and is as environmentally-frienldy as possible), none of the products contains PVC.

New FSC Label


Anaglypta® is one of the best known and oldest wallpaper brands, over 135 years old. The brand is synonymous with textured paintable wallpaper and remains, in our view, the definitive collection offering a very wide range of designs.
For further information and to view the range visit the Anaglypta website.

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