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Budget Beater Lining


A lining paper for covering surfaces in preparation for painting or overhanging with decorative wallpaper.

A multi use paper suitable as lining paper, drawer liners, artists paper, carpet protector etc...

A lining paper for covering surfaces in preparation for painting or overhanging with decorative wallpaper.

  • Covers minor cracks and damages
  • Allows surface to breathe
  • Vinyl and glassfibre free
  • Sustainable source

Application Instructions for Lining Paper

  1. Make sure application surfaces are sound, clean and dry. Absorbent surfaces (e.g. new plaster) should be sized. Painted surfaces should be lightly sanded.
  2. Mark a straight line on the wall to position the first length, by using a plumbline or level. When using as a base for decorative wallpaper, it is advisable to apply the lining horizontally. When using as a base for paint it can be applied vertically or horizontally.
  3. Measure and cut lengths allowing extra for trimming at either end.
  4. The rolls offer two surface finishes, either side can be pasted but always use the same side for all lengths used on your project.
  5. Apply adhesive generously and evenly paying particular attention to edges.
  6. Fold pasted lengths, with the pasted surface to the inside and allow to soak for 8-10 minutes or until pliable.
  7. Apply the first length to the guideline. Smooth down with a brush and trim. Remove any adhesive from the face of the paper using a sponge and clean water.
  8. Leave 1mm gap between lengths. Do not overlap (if using as a base for an emulsioned surface do not leave a gap - butt joint).
  9. Allow to dry completely before applying final wallcovering or coating with emulsion - normally 24 hours is sufficient but in some circumstances a longer period may be required.


Use a good quality adhesive. If the lining is being used as a base for decorative wallpaper ensure the adhesive is compatible.

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Roll widths are provided in meters (such as 0.5 x 10mtr) so your wall widths and heights should be inputted in meters also.
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