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Dooodle Roll

 Doodle Roll

Dooodle Roll is a multi-purpose paper roll for aspiring artists and creatives, young and old. Let your imagination run wild. Suitable for paints, pens, pencils, sticking and so much more...

The roll can also be used for lining walls, lining drawers, packaging paper, surface protection and any other creative uses you can think of.

Dooodle Roll paper is a blend of recycled and virgin paper, all selected from well managed sources.

This paper uses high grade fibres for strength and a good degree of water resistance making it ideal for protecting surfaces and as a medium for water based paints

Dooodle Roll can be used in many ways including

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Murals
  • Lining walls
  • Lining drawers
  • Surface protection
  • Packaging paper

Health & Safety

Dooodle Roll paper is a blend of recycled paper and virgin pulp from well managed sources.

No formaldehyde or heavy metals are added in our process. As a result any reaction following direct skin contact is highly unlikely.

Prolonged direct skin contact can result in dryness and should be avoided.

Paper cuts can result from careless handling and as a result we recommend children are supervised at all times.

If Using as a Lining Paper

  1. Application surfaces should be clean dry and sound. Very absorbent surfaces such as new plaster should be sized.
  2. Lining paper can be applied horizontally or vertically.
  3. Cut lengths in readiness and allow extra for trimming.
  4. Use a good quality adhesive, apply generously paying particular attention to edges. Fold pasted lengths, with the paste to the inside and allow to soak for 8 to 10 minutes.
  5. The roll offers two surface finishes, either side can be pasted but always use the same side for all lengths used on your project.
  6. Apply each length carefully, brush down and trim. Butt joint all subsequent lengths.
  7. Allow to dry completely before further decoration, normally at least 24 hours.

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