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Paste The Wall


Very quick and easy to apply using paste-the-wall techniques. Provides a degree of surface reinforcement, covers small cracks and defects whilst preparing surfaces for paint or decorative wallpaper including paste-the-wall types.

We recommend a good quality ready-mixed adhesive for application of this product.

  • uses paper from well managed sources
  • allows your walls to breathe
  • paste the wall or paper
  • no need to soak
  • easy to hang
  • pvc free

single length: 10m x 53cm coverage: 5.3m² approx

  1. Cut all lengths required allowing extra for trim at each end, or if hanging from the roll, place the roll on the floor and pull out Paste The Wall applying the inner surface to the wall.
  2. Draw a straight pencil line or use a plumb line for hanging the first length, if preferred the paper can be hung horizontally.
  3. If applying the adhesive directly to the surface, apply enough to hang two lengths at a time, ensuring the paste exceeds the width of the second length. If pasting the material (either side) make sure all edges are covered. With both methods, hang Paste The Wall immediately - no soaking required.
  4. Apply the first length along the guideline and smooth out with a wallpaper brush then trim the ends.
  5. Butt join all subsequent lengths being careful not to overlap the edges.
  6. Allow Paste The Wall to dry thoroughly before decorating with emulsion paint (normally 24 hours is sufficient).

We recommend that a good quality ready mixed adhesive is used, especially if you intend to use the time saving paste the wall method. Our own brand Easy Paste or Wallrock Power Adhesive are recommended for this product, but any good quality ready mixed adhesive will also be suitable. Before hanging please check that each roll of ‘Paste The Wall’ is undamaged. Please retain all labels until the project is complete and you are satisfied with the results: we will require them if you have a problem. We recommend that, after hanging no more than 2 lengths, the result is inspected before continuing. We cannot accept claims for consequential loss in respect of visible defects apparent prior to hanging. If a fault is found please return any defect roll/s with label/s to where it was purchased.

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Roll widths are provided in meters (such as 0.5 x 10mtr) so your wall widths and heights should be inputted in meters also.
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