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NEW! Wallrock Dampstop Thermic


Wallrock Brochure DownloadWallrock Dampstop Thermic is a completely new, technically superior, zero paper content, zero tar content product to our original Wallrock Dampstop, available at a very competitve price.

Rather than using paper based material, Wallrock Dampstop Thermic utilises a very tough, strong, rot proof and salt resistant polypropylene backing that will give a long service life even in very challenging conditions, bonded to a water resistant composite metallic barrier.

Each roll covers 5 square meters and is supplied in extra wide widths of 675mm to make containment of damp problems easier.

The rot proof backing can be applied directly to the wall with our Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive, effectively blocking off the appearance of unsightly penetrating damp and staining. The metallic surface can then be covered with paint, one of our thermally efficient wallcoverings, paste the wall lining papers or decorative paper - we strongly recommend that Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive is used for further decoration for the best results.

So, why Dampstop Thermic?

Not only does it stop the unsightly damp and associated stains, if the composite, thermic, metallic surface is left exposed, it will also greatly enhance the reflection of heat into the room - making the product especially useful in improving energy efficiency in the home when used behind radiators and appliances.

Wallrock Dampstop Thermic provides a damp barrier against penetrating damp. It can also be used as a heat reflector to reduce heat loss.


Consumer advice

Before using this product check it is undamaged and that you have enough for the job in hand. Please return any faulty products, including labels, to the point of purchase. Claims must be supported by receipts and labels (where applicable). If in doubt please contact us through our customer helpline. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Please note

Wallrock Dampstop Thermic will help alleviate the appearance of penetrating damp on internal walls but we always recommend the root causes are also investigated and dealt with. For example penetrating damp can be caused by blocked gutters and downpipes, poor external wall condition, failing damp proof course and other local factors.

Instructions for applying Wallrock Dampstop Thermic as a damp barrier

This product has been developed to combat  areas of penetrating damp that can discolour wall decor. If the whole wall is not being covered in Wallrock Dampstop Thermic, ensure the product extends a minimum of 500mm from the damp area for best results.

  1. Remove loose or flaky material from the wall surface as well as any projections that may rupture the Wallrock Dampstop Thermic, fill any holes with a suitable filler. The surface may need priming if excessively porous or absorbent: we recommend diluting Wallrock Dampstop Adhesive 1:1 with water to form a primer, allow to dry thoroughly.
  2. Brush the adhesive onto the wall over a slightly wider area than the Wallrock Dampstop Thermic strip - you will need typically 160-250ml per square metre depending on the condition of the wall. The adhesive must be applied evenly.
  3. Apply Wallrock Dampstop Thermic directly to the pasted surface - black side to the wall.
    NB. Using a wallpaper hanging brush carefully remove any air bubbles, brushing from the centre outwards, ensuring there are no wrinkles or air pockets remaining as they will not dissipate during the drying process.
  4. When applying multiple lengths we recommend butted joints are used as follows:
    Ensure Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive is applied liberally and evenly at the butt joint to reduce the possibility of damp tracking through seams. This technique is adequate to combat small localised damp problems.
  5. In the event the maximum possible damp resistance is required we recommend 2 layers of Wallrock Dampstop Thermic are applied being careful to ensure the seams are offset with the layer beneath.
    Alternatively extra resistance can be achieved by applying  a single layer but overlapping at the seams by minimum 20mm. It is important to note that with this technique the contours of the overlap are likely to remain noticeable even after painting or overhanging with wallpaper.
  6. Once complete allow to dry thoroughly - 48 hours may be sufficient but much longer may be required as the foil surface will slow down the drying process.
  7. Once thoroughly dry, we recommend the treated area is thoroughly checked to ensure that Wallrock Dampstop Thermic is fully bonded. The Wallrock Dampstop Thermic foil surface can simply be painted (the surface may need priming, please ask the paint manufacturer), overhung with lining paper, insulating wallpaper or a decorative wallpaper.

For application of wallcoverings to the foil surface use only Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive.

*Please note; the foil surface is not suitable for most types of alternative adhesives. When overhanging with an additional wall covering you should continue to use the Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive and not an alternative paste, even if a specific product recommends it.
Other important advice and tips:

When applying lining paper over Wallrock Dampstop Thermic it can be applied at right angles to the Wallrock Dampstop Thermic which will guarantee seams cannot correspond with those in the Wallrock Dampstop Thermic - we strongly recommend our reinforced linings such as Wallrock Fibreliner. Applying an Insulation Liner over the Wallrock Dampstop Thermic such as Wallrock Thermal Liner, Red Label Insulating Lining Paper or Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+ will add a noticeable insulation effect and complete the transformation of your damp wall.

Instructions for applying Wallrock Dampstop Thermic as a Thermal Reflector

Application is exactly the same but the reflective surface works most efficiently when not covered with another wallcovering or paint. This makes the product ideal for application behind heat sources such as radiators and household appliances, where it will ensure heat that is partially absorbed by the wall is reflected into the room.  The product has an A1 non-combustible core.

Warning: Take care not to allow this product to come into contact with live wires both during and after hanging, especially important because the aluminium Thermic foil is conductive.

This is a simple wallpaper calculator and should be used as a guide only. You can find the roll width and roll length you are after on the specific product page.
Roll widths are provided in meters (such as 0.5 x 10mtr) so your wall widths and heights should be inputted in meters also.
If you are purchasing an offset match product then you may need a little extra as there may be some waste. If you have any windows or doors in your walls you can simply ignore these. This will give a good estimate of required roll numbers.

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